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Portrait/interview in the programme „Terra musica“ in Czech Television

Interview in the Czech magazine „Týdeník Rozhlas“

Interview in the Czech magazine HARMONIE

„An event of the highest caliber. … I was especially impressed by Anna Fusek and her virtuosic mastery on the recorder. … Telemann’s Concerto in E minor for Recorder and Flute, TWV 52:e1, was a singular moment of the program. Fusek and Huntgeburth were extraordinary in their recorder and flute duo.  The ornamentations were perfectly coordinated as the details of the trills were of one mind.  The synchrony between them was uncanny. Fusek had such a sweet sound and impeccable technique that resonated in my memories long after the event.“

Theodore Bell, Culture Spot Los Angeles, 5.3.2011

„Amor, the good-for-nothing – Amor, the lucky charm. Earthly love – heavenly love.
Flame red is the costume. Gracile, boyish, winged, observing, lurking, armed with a flute squats Amore alias Eros to begin with his intrigues. Nice to look at is this god of love who is embodied by the musician and actress Anna Fusek. Betimes sly, betimes sad, betimes ruffian, sublime in the pantomime, she guides in an enchanting way the confusion on the narrow stage or out of the audience. Pure lust. … Only Amore, Anna Fusek, doesn't sing, but plays flute and violin and hastes versatilely through all the love games, which he has aroused...“

Renate Feyerbacher,, 2.1.2012
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„Gran Teatro del Liceu applauds the mezzo soprano on her debut and is enthralled by recorder player Anna Fusek
Anna Fusek who up to that point had played the violin in the orchestra now picked up the piccolo recorder and endowed the piece [Cara sorte] with poetic depth. Fusek moreover amazed the audience with her truly magical rendering of the Concerto in C major for piccolo recorder. The repeated ovations that she elicited only stopped with the appearance of the singer.”

„El Liceu aplaude el debut de la messo con Vivaldi y vibra con la magia de la flautista Anna Fusek
La presencia de la hasta entonces oculta violinista Anna Fusek, reconvertida en solista de su minúscula flauta, dio una poética dimensión a esta pieza. Fusek también dejó boquiabierto al público con su mágica versión del Concierto en do mayor para flauta de pico. Las repetidas ovaciones casi acaban con el protagonismo de la cantante.“

César López Rosell, El periódico de Catalunya, 9.11.2009

„As an excellent soloist [with the Bremer Philharmoniker] Anna Fusek played on the recorder with supremely clear declamation and touching sensibility. Vivaldi was tremendously enthralling that way.“

„Dabei musizierte Anna Fusek als exzellente Solistin [mit den Bremer Philharmonikern] auf der Blockflöte mit äußerst pointierter Deklamation und bewegter Empfindsamkeit. So wurde Vivaldi ungemein spannend.“

Alexandra Ivanoff, Sunday's Zaman, Istanbul, 20.12.2011

But it was really the incredible performance of Anna Fusek that sent electric shock waves through the evening. Glittering, whimsical, precise and distinctly articulated the violinist-flutist made perfect use of a beautiful score, thus enthralling the audience (for this occasion leaving the ranks of the second violins!) faster than can be described, with almost electrical purity of her instrument's sound.”

„Mais surtout, l’incroyable prestation d’Anna Fusek dans le concerto pour flûte à bec constitua sans nul doute l’électrochoc de la soirée. Scintillante, malicieuse, virtuose, nette et précise dans ses attaques, et naturellement mise en valeur par une partition avantageuse, la flûtiste-violoniste (sortie des rangs des seconds violons pour l’occasion!), conquit l’auditoire en moins de temps qu’il ne le faut pour l’écrire, de par le son d’une pureté quasi électronique de son instrument.“

Anne-Lise Nguyen, Muse Baroque, le magazine de la musique baroque 2009

Comfortably surrounded by one of the best Baroque orchestras of the world [Akademie für Alte Musik Berlin] – what masterly rendering of the Telemann double concerto, thousands of bravos for flutists Anna Fusek and Christoph Huntgeburth! ...”

„Luxueusement entourée par un des meilleurs orchestres baroques au monde – quelle magistrale interprétation du concerto de Telemann, mille bravos aux flûtistes Anna Fusek et Christoph Huntgeburth!“

Pierre Degott,, 25.1.2010

„The evening not only belonged to singer Magdalena Kožená
Among the musicians of the orchestra the Czech-born violinist Anna Fusek distinguished herself by taking up another instrument for two pieces – a sopranino recorder that she played most brilliantly. First she was heard as the singer's partner in an aria, then she played Vivaldi's famous Concerto in C major. With her tiny flute she mastered technically demanding passages as well as cantilenas with incredible levity and evoked cheering with her musicality.”

„Večer nepatřil jen Kožené
Mezi členy souboru tak vynikla houslistka českého původu Anna Fusek, která pro dvě čísla vzala do ruky jiný nástroj – sopraninovou zobcovou flétnu, již mistrně ovládá.
Nejprve s ní byla v jedné z árií sólovou partnerkou pěvkyni, poté zahrála Vivaldiho známý Koncert C dur. Se svou "píšťalkou" si s rychlými pasážemi i s kantilénami pohrávala neuvěřitelně lehce a vzbudila svou muzikalitou nadšení.“

Petr Veber, Hospodarske noviny, Prag, 2.11.2009

„...or also Anna Fusek's brilliant interpretation of the Concerto for recorder RV 443 which enthused the audience. It would only have been a little step further and Anna Fusek would have upstaged Magdalena Kožená in this celebration of Vivaldi.”

„...o el brillant pas d'Anna Fusek pel Concert per a flauta de bec RV 443, van entusiasmar el públic. Poc va faltar perqué Fusek robés a Magdalena Kozena el protagonisme d'aquesta festa vivaldiana.“

Xavier Cester, AVUI, Madrid, 14.11.2009

„...for she deserved all praises on this evening.
She was able to grab your attention from the first to the last second. On her tiny instrument she accomplished whirling music. She displayed a stunning technical prowess in both Allegros. During the Largo she touched the audience with a lively legato that hovered over the orchestra almost like an Irish tune.
She consequently was awarded the biggest applause. One enthusiastic listener gave her a bouquet of flowers (that was originally set aside for Kožená). The biggest surprise followed suit: the beautiful woman put down the recorder, took up a violin and played the ensuing piece in perfect calm. Lo and behold, these are the musicians one can ask to play a solo concerto.”

„...want haar viel alle eer van de avond ten deel.
Ze had je van de eerste tot de laatste seconde te pakken. Uit dat pietluttige instrumentje toverde ze wervelende muziek. In de beide allegro’s legde ze een adembenemende techniek aan de dag. In het largo trof ze je met levend legato, bijna op z’n Iers boven het ensemble uit klinkend.
Zij was het dan ook die het grootste applaus kreeg. Een enthousiaste bezoeker gaf haar zelfs een bos bloemen (vast oorspronkelijk voor Kozená bedoeld). En de grootste verrassing kwam daarna nog: de mooie dame legde haar fluit terzijde, nam een viool ter hand en speelde doodleuk met het ensemble mee in het volgende stuk. Kijk, dat zijn de musici die je voor een soloconcert kunt vragen.“

Jordi Kooiman, Operamagazine, 17.11.2009

„Berlin orchestra takes the Folly by storm. … But the audience charmer came at the end — a striking version of Telemann’s Concerto for Flute and Recorder in E Minor. Flutist Huntgeburth and recorder player Anna Fusek performed superbly in a dazzling series of virtuosic passages.“

Timothy McDonald, The Kansas City Star, 13.3.2011

„The Venice Baroque Orchestra gave an engaging performance of music by Vivaldi, Geminiani and Telemann at Cemal Reşit Rey Concert Hall. … The solo performances, especially by recorder player Anna Fusek and lutenist Ivano Zanenghi (whose flamboyant flair was entertainment in itself) were outstanding. Fusek’s smaller of her two recorders comically imitated bird calls and other florid novelties in Vivaldi’s Il Cardellino (The Goldfinch). … The most divine musical gem of the evening was the slow movement of Vivaldi’s Concerto for sopranino and lute, whose lovely melodies floated blissfully over a trembling soft-string accompaniment.“

Alexandra Ivanoff, Sunday’s Zaman, Istanbul, 20.12.2011

„Prague-born virtuoso Anna Fusek on her recorder called flautino not only knew how to realize the sweet dream of love in the Aria from the opera La verita in cimento but also enthused the audience with dazzling bravura in the sparkling C major Concerto for flautino, strings and basso continuo.”

„Virtuozka na zobcovou flétnu zvanou flautino, pražská rodačka Anna Fusek, pak nejen dotvořila představu sladkého snu o lásce v árii z opery La verita in cimento, ale nadchla i oslnivou bravurou v jiskřivém Koncertu C dur pro flautino, smyčce a basso continuo.“

idnes, Prag, 3.11.2009

„To deal with the next drop-out the orchestra can in case of emergency make do without a stand-in soloist. Anna Fusek, violinist in the orchestra, changed instruments for the Concerto RV 443 to take up a tiny recorder, a sopranino, and got cheering and flowers from the audience with her masterly solo playing.”

„Bij een volgende afzegging kan het orkest het in noodgevallen zonder extra solist af. Anna Fusek, violiste van het ensemble, verruilde haar instrument in het Concert RV 443 voor en miniblokfluit, een sopranino en kreeg voor haar meesterlijke solo bravo's en bloemen uit het publiek.“

Bela Luttmer, de Volkskrant, 18.11.2009

„Young violinist Anna Fusek achieved an admirable feat by taking up the flautino and proving that she handles it as expertly as the bow.“

„Podivuhodný výkon podala zejména mladá houslistka Anna Fusek, která vzala do ruky flautino a předvedla, že jej ovládá stejně mistrovsky jako smyčec.“

tutti magazí, 2.11.2009

„The soloist of the Concerto in C major RV 443 that also played the violin in the orchestra deserves to be pointed out for her playing of the Largo in which she created an impressive atmosphere with her most commendable masterly breathing technique.”

„Mención aparte merece la solista del Concierto en Do Mayor para Flautin RV 443 – che también tocó el violin en el grupo -, por su ejecución del largo, creando una atmósfera impresionante con un dominio de la técnica de respiración más que elogiable.“

Inigo Arbiza, Noticias de Guipuzkoa, San Sebastián, 10.11.2009

„The piccolo-flutist – and violinist – Anna Fusek during this evening inspired the audience with her brilliant performance as soloist during the Concerto RV 433 by Vivaldi.”

„La intérprete de flauta de pico – y violín – Anna Fusek se llevó la ovación de la noche gracias a su virtuosa intervención como solista en el Concierto RV 443.“

Pablo Meléndez-Haddad, ABC, 6.11.2009

How virtuoso and highly musically gifted each one of them is was demonstrated by the soloistic achievements, first of all by recorder player Anna Fusek.”

„Wie virtuos und hochmusikalisch jeder einzelne ist, zeigten die solistischen Leistungen, allen voran die Blockflötistin Anna Fusek.“

Marion Eigl, Wiener Zeitung, 13.11.2009

„Huntgeburth was joined by Anna Fusek on recorder for Telemann’s E minor Concerto for Recorder and Flute, a work that builds entire edifices out of busy, form-following-function passagework; the soloists provided limpid, percolating proficiency.“

Matthew Guerrieri, The Boston Globe, 15.3.2011

„Recorder player (and second violinist) Anna Fusek was greeted with enthusiastic applause after the wonderfully played Concerto in C major for sopranino.”

„Blokfluitiste (en tweede violiste) Anna Fusek oogstte enthousiast applaus na het watervlug gespeelde Concert in C-groot voor sopranino.“

Anthony Fiumara, Trouw, 18.11.2009

„Anna Fusek who had already distinguished herself interpreting the violin-part, revealed herself to be a truly remarkable recorder soloist in the Concerto in C major.”

„Destacó Anna Fusek que, tras interpretar parte de violin, se reveló como notable solista de flautín con el Concierto en Do mayor RV 443.“

Xavier Pujol, El Pais (Edición Cataluña), 9.11.2009

„Prague virtuoso Anna Fusek fascinates with her performance of the Concerto in C (RV 443). That this extraordinary musician participates as a violinst during the rest of the evening we may put on record with amazement...“

„Im Concerto in C fasziniert die Prager Virtuosin Anna Fusek auf ihrem Sopran-Flautino. Dass diese großartige Interpretin den Rest des Abends als Geigerin mitgestaltet, sei staunend festgehalten...“

Hansjörg Spies, Kleine Zeitung, Österreich, 20.7.2011

„The Akademie für Alte Musik is a magnificent chameleon of an ensemble.… Mr. Huntgeburth was more outgoing — and was matched in that quality by Anna Fusek, a recorder player — in Telemann’s lively, Gypsy-inflected Concerto for Flute and Recorder in E minor.“

Allan Kozinn, The New York Times, 9.3.2011

„Especially the Telemann-Concerto in e minor, during which Anna Fusek swapped the violin for the recorder to enthral the public with her captivating playing...“

„Vor allem das Telemann-Concerto e-Moll, bei dem Anna Fusek mal eben die zweite Geige mit der Blockflöte tauschte, um darauf überaus bezaubernd zu musizieren...“

Hamburger Abendblatt, 5.8.2011

„...aria 'Cara sorte di chi nata' with its cute recorder obligato from Anna Fusek“

Dominic McHugh,, 22.07.2009

„...gracious solo recorder in the Arcadian Couplet.”

„...zierliche Soloblockflöte in dem arkadischen Couplet“

Eleonore Büning, FAZ, 02.08.2009

„Out of the big family of recorders the sopranino, soprano and alto as well as the voiceflute which is situated between alto and tenor and can imitate the human voice so convincingly were to be heard. Anna Fusek and Inga Maria Klaucke played the instruments interchangingly, as in heaven.”

„Da waren aus der großen Familie der Blockflöten die Sopranino-, Sopran- und Altblockflöte und die zwischen Alt und Tenor stehende Voiceflute, die so überzeugend die menschliche Stimme nachzuahmen versteht. Anna Fusek und Inga Maria Klaucke spielten die Instrumente im Wechsel einfach himmlisch.“

Matthias Müller, Märkische Allgemeine, 26.05.2009